Advocates’ Welfare Fund Trustee Committee

To manage the fund meant for welfare of the Advocates of the state of Jharkhand, a law has been passed by the name of “The Jharkhand Advocates’ Welfare Fund Act, 2012“. This Act provides for the establishment of a Trustee Committee (See Section 4.4) to manage the welfare fund aforementioned. This Committee currently disburses welfare benefits to Advocates as mentioned below:

  1. Stipend to the newly enrolled Advocates if he has not completed 40 years of age and has not enrolled as Advocate after retirement, etc from some other job or vocation
  2. Medical Aid for Advocates who suffer from serious ailments
  3. Pension to Advocates who have retired from active practice or family pension to the dependents of the deceased Advocates
  4. Retiral Assistance which is a lump sum payment on retirement of Advocates who are not entitled to such Pension
  5. Solatium to the dependent of the Advocate who passes away

To be entitled to benefits under any of these schemes, it is necessary that the Advocate should be a member of the Trustee Committee. Besides, Pension is a special scheme, and for benefits under this scheme, the Advocates also need to become members of the concerned Pension scheme  besides their membership of the Trustee Committee.

It is easy to become member of the Trustee Committee and of the Pension Scheme. To become member of the Trustee Committee, one is required to submit a form with the membership fee of Rs three thousand only. Please see the concerned forms under the download section and the concerned rules under the tab JSBC Rules