Apply for Suspension & Resumption

Any advocate who is about to take up another profession or vocation or job is required to voluntarily surrender his license to Practice as an advocate. If he fails to voluntarily surrender as such, and takes up another profession or vocation or employment, it may be treated as “misconduct” under section 35 of the Advocates’ Act, 1961, and his license may be punitively suspended.
To surrender his license to practice, the advocate Should submit an application with the reason for surrender and also submit the actual license For safekeeping by the State Bar Council’s office.
When the person desires to leave such other profession or vocation or employment and resume advocate’s profession, he is required to apply for resumption of license to practice.
For this an application with an affidavit that his conduct has been blemsihfree for the purposes of resumption is to be submitted before the State Bar Council. Besides, one demand draft of Rs ten thousand made payable to “Jharkhand State Bar Council”, and payable at Ranchi, and another demand draft of Rs two thousand made payable to “Bar Council of India”, and payable at New Delhi are to be submitted at the State Bar Council’s office.
The voluntarily suspended license may be resumed by an application and payment of aforementioned requisite fee. However, the punitively suspended license would be difficult to resume